'An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory' -- Friedrich Engels (1820 - 1895)

Honour Lies in Doing One's Duty Well

MTech Related

(I). Seminar Guidelines (click here for alternative link)

              Seminar_front slides.ppt

(II). M.Tech Thesis Synopsis Guidelines

(III). M.Tech. Thesis Guideline

(IV). Document to be Carried at the time of Presentation

(V). M.Tech Lab EC-516 Lab-II Template



(VI). MATLAB Introduction


(VII). MATLAB LECTURES  for EC-516 LAB-II M.Tech.Related Folder


Matlab Lecture 1 Variables Scripts and Operations.pdf
Matlab Lecture 2 Visualization and programming.pdf
Matlab Lecture3 Solving equations and curve fitting.pdf
Matlab Lecture 4 Advanced Methods.pdf
Matlab Lecture 5 Symbolics Simulink file IO building GUIs.pdf

(VIII). M.Tech.Related Folder( click icon below)


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