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Six Month/6 weeks Industrial Training and and Major Project Guidelines

(I).Guideline for Six Week/Month Industrial Training Presentation Format PPT (DOWNLOAD)

PPT Format

(II).Six Week/Month Industrial Training Report Writing Guidelines


 Download the Guideline for Report writing click here


 Also Download: Documents to be carried with you at the time of Presentation (2014 Batch) for Six Month Industrial Training Presentation/Viva training

(III).Format of Letters from TPO offfice for arrangement of Industrial Training

(A) After Second Year

(B) In Final Year

(IV). Performa For Mid Semester Evaluation of Six Month Industrial Training

(V). Documents to be Carries At the Time of PPT Presentation and Final Evaluation of Training.


(VI). Minor Project Synopsis Guideline(B.Tech )

click to download

(VII). Minor Project Synopsis Presentation(B.Tech )

 click to download

(VIII). Major Project Synopsis Guideline(B.Tech & M.Tech.)

(IX). Major Project Guidelines & Report Writing ( B.Tech & M.Tech)

(X). Major Project  Layout ( B.Tech & M.Tech)

Major project Layout [ CLICK to DOWNLOAD]

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