'An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory' -- Friedrich Engels (1820 - 1895)

Honour Lies in Doing One's Duty Well

BTEC503 & BTEC 507 Lab Courses

(I) URGENT  : 

BTech 2015  Batch ECE to read these instuction to subscrible to Yahoogroups

Send and email from your email to       


with writing your name and University Roll No. in email Subject

 Other Important information and Syllabus BTEC-503 and BTEC-507

(II)Messages Posted at Yahoogroups for 2015 Batch ECE, BCET Gurdaspur!


(III) Lab file format (a) Front Page    (b)  Experiment No. 1   (c) Experiment  No. 2  

(III)Teaching Slides

BTEC-503 and BTEc-507 Lab Hardware Programme  & Interfacing Course Material information Folder



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